We believe that innovation is about making things better. For the people, for the organizations and for the world. Our mission is to create the solutions for the big problems, through technology innovation, so we can make life better for everyone, everywhere. 

Hence, we are problem solvers by design. 


Follow your curiosity

Freedom to chase new ideas, to test concepts and ideas. Curiosity is the fuel for innovation and imagination is the engine that helps us see the future we want to build. 

Stay open

The goal is set, but the way to get there may change. We are open to new information, new ideas, we communicate constantly to get new perspectives and find new approaches. 

Question Everything

Very few things are set in stone. Questioning some known principles helps us think outside the box, where the possibilities are endless. 

Keep learning

We strive to learn something new every day, in several areas of interest. This allows space for growth, new connections of ideas and an expansion of our horizons. 

Enjoy the journey

Prototyping is hard, has many dead ends and roadblocks. We enjoy the little wins, the great ideas and the daily challenges that we face in the path to the final solutions. 

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

– Albert Einstein


MARK 6 is a R&D company focused on high impact technological innovation.  

We are constantly looking at the world around us to see what can be improved with big results. We do not look for minor improvements, we want to have real, big impact on the people. This has led us to work and try to solve problems such as: 

  • Resource use efficiency 
  • Green energy & energy storage 
  • Clean water 
  • New & more efficient production methods 


We use rapid prototyping tools and procedures to quickly test and iterate through the development process, to discover new information and unlock new ways to reach the needed solutions. The right tools and team are essential, as brainstorming, feedback and testing is the way of evolution.


To solve some of the problems we are aiming at, MARK 6 has created laser-focused departments, each dedicated to very specific goals.


We chose these departments for three reasons: they focus on big problems for the present and the future, they are extremely challenging and they allow us to make a real big impact with our work.


The departments will keep growing and more will come!

Focused on sea-related technology, from renewable energy, propulsion, natural resources and more.

Highly oriented towards earth-space technology, from materials and structures, optics, manufacturing, and more.

We work with clients to develop their own ideas and solutions, through consulting, rapid prototyping support, and more.


Innovation is problem solving.

Let’s work toghether?