What we do

Mechanical Systems Innovation

With CAD and rapid prototyping technologies, we can create new mechanical systems to respond to new problems

Costs Optimization

From rebuilding part of an equipment, reduce consumption or enhancing the output, up to improve components' design to minimize production costs

Custom Made Parts

Whether it's for scientific projects, concept testing, spare parts or robotics, we make components according to your needs

Barra 500 MARK 6

recent project

Harmonic Reductor Nema 17

10 to 1 reduction without backlash, high precision to enhance the sthrenght of machines designed to use stepper motors Nema 17.

The mounting holes and exit axis have the same dimensions as the original motor. The space between the motor and the gear box allow the installation of a pulley to syncronize motors with a timing belt.

Funcional prototype 3D printed, for CNC machines or large scale 3D printers.

Redutor Nema Prototipagem rápida algarve
Barra 500 MARK 6

What our Clients say



Excellent service. I asked for 3D printed protective case for my remote control and it turned out to be perfect. You are also excellent at customer service

Definitely recommended!

India Estevens


A super team!

From the component design that I needed in CAD, to the choice of the best material for the 3d print (filament or resin), the MARK 6 team acted with competence and sympathy.

I recommend their services!

Gonçalo Rodrigues


Excellent work, it resulted in a wonderful wall panel made in CNC and with epoxy for bedroom / living room.  

A young and very helpful team, I am convinced that a promising future awaits this startup. 

Barra 500 MARK 6

Let's get started?

We take care of all the necessary steps of a new project, from the creation of the initial concept to the development and production of a funcional prototype. This allows us to guarantee the service quality from start to finish.

You can speak to us using one of the contacts bellow or using the form.


Currently, our team is mostly working from home. Please send us a message or an email to schedule your visit.

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