Rapid prototyping for robotics

Because robotics is innovation, and there is no standard parts in innovation

Barra 500 MARK 6

What we do

We create robotic components totaly adapted to each situation. 

We do not believe in “one size fits all” for robotics.


Because each machine has different goals and specifications, and requires a custom build to the best performance.

Barra 500 MARK 6

Most common components
for robotics

These are just a few examples of robotic parts that we make. Thanks to the prototyping technologies, imagination is the limit.

From simple structural parts, fixations, actuators and covers, to functional parts such as brushless electric motors, dynamos, propellers, gears, general locomotion systems, among many others.

All can be produced based on desired measurements, forces, and speeds.

Braço Robótica Algarve

Programmable Robotic Arm

Customizable robotic arm according to required size, strength, speed specifications.

Redutor Harmónico Nema Robótica Algarve

Nema Harmonic Reducer

Gear system with no backlash, maintains the accuracy of the Nema engine with the intended increase in force.

Roda Omnidirecional Robótica Algarve

Omnidirectional Wheel

Parallel / symmetrical omnidirectional wheel, guarantees the best autonomy and mobility.

Roda Omnidirecional Cartesiana

Cartesian Omnidirectional Wheel

Omnidirectional wheel for Cartesian systems (installed at 90º) with snap-fit of the rollers for easy maintenance.

Propulsor ROV

ROV propeller

Compact waterproof DC propeller for small remote controlled submarines.

Caixa de Controlo CNC

CNC Control Box

Safety box for all electronic components of a CNC.

Segmento Estrututal Ultraleve

Ultralight Structural Segment

3D printing allows construction of parts with internal reinforcement patterns impossible for any other technology.

Placa de Robótica com Rolamentos Embutidos

Robotic Plate with Built-in Bearings

Rapid prototyping allows for rapid and affordable design evolution.

Atuadores Lineares Robustos

Robust Linear Actuators

The toughest and most accurate system for industrial robotics - that's what we use on our machines.

Barra 500 MARK 6


To shape your project, get in touch with our team. Tell us what components you need, we will analyze the order and respond with the solution that best suits your requirements.

Talk to us via email mark6.prototyping@gmail.com or send us a message using the form: