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Leaping forward

Humans are naturally extremely curious creatures, always wanting to go further and experience the world. Space is the next step.  

For us, being able to conquer space is much more than just an impulse of curiosity: is a need for survival of our species and, yes, our Home Planet – Earth. Let us explore this idea, together. 

Why space tech?

One thing that we are well aware is that we are extremely vulnerable to end-of-the-world encounters with asteroids (Jupiter is frequently hit by asteroids that would be capable of causing mass extinctions on our planet, that are only detected after the impact; can you imagine us surviving that kind of crash?). This is the main reason why many believe we need to become a multi-planetary species. And we definitely agree on it. 

But this is not the only reason why we are turning to face the challenges of Space exploration and living. 

Every day, we see our planet going through some trials:  we make a mess to get resources, several tons of waste just to get a bit of what we want, and expect nature to “just deal with it in a few hundreds of years”. Plus, it is really easy as an individual to say “why bother to spend so much effort to be able to go to space? Here it is good enough, there is no need”. Until now, we could just sit back and let the planet clean after our mess – although, lately, we far exceeded what nature could handle. We are reaching a critical point on pollution and natural resources exhaustion that put a huge pressure on Earth’s self-healing capability.

Connecting the dots

The urgency to become a multiplanetary species for humanity’s survival is real, as we are vulnerable sitting on Earth with minimal (if any) planetary defence systems in place. We need to get to Space ASAP. This also means there is an increasing public and private investment availability for technological development – as the potential economical returns is also a powerful motivator.  

Space is the ultimate challenge; with restrictions we don’t even take into account here on Earth because it is so much more forgiving. Space is like the hardest exam that will dare us to build the skills to reach this results in the toughest scenarios, to make us capable of implementing them in much friendlier conditions here on our Home Planet.  

It is not “going to Space instead of taking care of Earth”, is “going to Space to be sure we have the mindset and technology capable of taking care of Earth”.  

Full circle

Exploring and conquering space is not a simple walk outside, you need to be able to live with a 100% circular use of resources, where the only input has to be energy. We cannot depend on resupply from Earth to Mars every 2 weeks to survive there. 

No, no, we need a way to reuse all the water, carbon and oxygen, all the raw materials we use and recover all that we call “waste” here in Earth, and having a colony relying 100% on electric energy. Mining without waste, living without waste, 100% clean energy, all while maintaining and growing a healthy population.  

This is where we are aiming at: a self-sufficient and sustainable way of living anywhere, with no waste or pollution, with healthy food, air and water, and safer than we have ever been as Humans. 

If we can live 100% clean in Space, we can live 100% clean on Earth. 


Innovation is problem solving.

Let’s work toghether?