We are deeply connected to the sea, a vast and fascinating mistery full of possibilities.

The SeaTech department was created to find ways to protect the seas and tackle it’s remarcable potencial in a sustainable way, while also working with businesses and organizations in related areas such as renewable energy, tourism, transport, clean water, resource use efficiency and more. 


We are working on a few projects in this department, at different stages of the development process. The ones that currently excites us the most are:

Dessalinization system

We are aiming at a fully self sufficient dessalinization off-shore system, powered by solar energy.

Ultra efficient propulsion system

The most advanced project so far on EquaDynamics, this propulsion system allows for up to 55% less fuel consumpion and helps reduce the CO2 emissions by hundred of tons a year per boat.

Solar Test SeaShip

A cool challenge we set ourselves to realize on the long run, this is meant to be a small (<4m) recreation boat to navigate close to the shore, and a platform for small scale new propulsion and control systems.


Our clients challenge us to go further and help them with their efficiency goals. We are currently working with great companies in Algarve, such as:


Innovation is problem solving.

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